Reason for openmoko - bugsafe?

Edwin Lock edwinlock at
Sun Jul 15 20:51:09 CEST 2007

Thanks a lot for all the answers!
My main point was if the state, well, anyone who had connections to
the carriers, could turn the neo into a bug too.. And it seems that it
isn't possible cause of the software mixer being off when the device
is off :)
And david? I use gmail, yes ;) Luckily I can still control and decide
what I write in gmail;)
My concern was that the state, or carrier, could arbitrarily record
everything in the surrounding. I reckoned they could record my
conversations, sadly ;)
Just to clarify, I wouldn't use gmail if it grabbed all my TCP/IP
output of my pc and searched every file on my pc. As long as I know
what google does and gets I am satisfied.
I hope you understand.
Lastly, why do you get the idea that I choose that phone cause it is
more safe? I just got to read about it that way, I plan to buy it
because of it's fantastic possibilities, both software and
hardwarewise, touchscreen, linux, a lot of apps(ported and native)
etc. But I am sure you know exactly why the neo is so great :)
Thanks again!

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