Reason for openmoko - bugsafe?

Jeff Rush jeff at
Mon Jul 16 02:04:23 CEST 2007

Edwin Lock wrote:

> My main point was if the state, well, anyone who had connections to
> the carriers, could turn the neo into a bug too.. And it seems that it
> isn't possible cause of the software mixer being off when the device
> is off :)

Actually one may want to implement this on the OpenMoko themselves, as a 
phone-theft tracking system.  Imagine being able to call your missing phone 
and enable at least GPS tracking so you can recover it.

Being able to switch on audio recording to the flash storage, with periodic 
burst transmission to an Internet location of GPS points, audio samples and 
such might be useful for some applications as well.  Leave it in a taxi in New 
York and plot the conversations and locations on a webpage, as part of a 
reality show... ;-)

BTW, anyone have good leads on small Bluetooth camera lapel pins?  It would be 
cool to have the OpenMoko able to record/recognize the faces of people I meet 
or places I visit.


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