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Mon Jul 16 04:02:22 CEST 2007

That's funny because I have been on the receiving end of much idiocy in my
calls tech support. If you are working in a help desk you are going to be
called by folks needing help. Some of which will be idiots. But how many
consumers did not call the help desk? It is like a doctor saying most people
are sick! My point is that they need to be educated. Advertising is indeed
education. I see new products all the time via the advertising medium.
Advertising is the first shot at educating them. As an aside: What is the
target audience for the Neo1973? Probably someone who wants to use their
phone for more that dialing. If that is true, they are going to be a little
more tech savvy than the average consumer.

What is the biggest advantage of openmoko from the competitors? Is it the
cool graphics and sweet multi-touch? No...not yet anyways. It is a
philosophy. Yes, it needs to offer really great technical advantages. Yes,
they need to be promoted. My original point is that the biggest advantage
(the whole reason openmoko was conceived), is that it is FOSS. That there
will be hundreds of applications that can be installed for whatever purpose.

I believe this is why there is so much buzz surrounding the project right
now. But I could be wrong :) As long as the consumer doesn't think it is
running Windows Mobile, heh.


Note: I threw openmoko and Neo1973 terms around rather sloppily; reader can
interchange as necessary :)
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