this phone, with WiFi

Doug Jones dj6mf at
Mon Jul 16 05:22:53 CEST 2007

Christian Fischer wrote:
> Doug Jones schrieb:
>> Assuming one has an appropriate cable, and assuming one can find some
>> way to get power into the thing, it ought to be possible to make it work
>> with the Neo.  (The Neo that is hopefully shipping next week, the one
>> without built-in WiFi.)
> The USB-Bus Device is unpowered. It uses external Power for Battery
> Charging.
> So try to make your own 5V supply.

Getting power into it isn't really a problem, at least as long as you're 
not trying to be portable.  For development purposes, you can tie 
yourself down with wires.

There are lots of USB chargers on the market now.  I see them at Frys 
for less than $10;  they seemed to be aimed primarily at the iPod crowd. 
  And doesn't the Neo come with one?

One could also use a powered USB hub.  (And couldn't you just use the 
USB hub on the debug board if you have the Advanced package?)

I recently found a hand-crank flashlight that has a built-in USB charger 
(and a radio too).  Two for $18 at CostCo.  (Unfortunately, it only 
supplies power to the USB connector while you are turning the crank. 
Would be handy if you could power external things directly from the 
energy already stored in the flashlight's rechargeable battery.)

Anyway, figuring out how to power an external WiFi adapter isn't the 
main issue.  The question is, is it worth the time to monkey around with 
WiFi drivers for hardware that isn't going into the final product, just 
so we can test WiFi apps before the proper hardware is available?

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