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On 7/16/07, Richard Reichenbacher <richard5 at> wrote:
>  I understand where you are coming from with the OpenMoko's philosophy
> being the Neo's strong point but I just don't feel that that's enough to
> draw in the average consumer and the Neo is the perfect device for the tech
> savvy user, however tech savvy users are a large minority.  I also hear you
> on the fact that a majority of help desks are full of people that don't
> actually know what they are doing and are just trouble shooting from a
> list.  It would be a smart decision to advertise to both average and
> advanced users however I think the Neo sells itself to the advanced group.
> Whatever man, we'll just have to agree to disagree.  I have to go outside
> and enjoy the rain now.

I completely agree. My idea is to make two advertisment campains: one on
"maisntream media": maybe tv, maybe radio, flyre, poster, newspapers,
wathever.  This ads would be something like: "The free phone, OpenMoko. The
only one with ...." "The OpenMoko: now with builtin navigator" and so on.
Don't even THINK of using "based on Linux Kernel 2.6.xx" or "With powerful
ssh acess"
Then I would make a second advertisement campain on the net: most users on
the net ARE the (a bit) advanced users: here you con make the "powerd by
Linux" and "The power of Open Source" ads. And then a third series, wich
simply describes the crude facts, for example "With powerful ssh acess", on
thenical online newspapers, or something in that way. Because the opneMoko
IS Userfriendly fro Non-techies, and IS ALSO extreamly powerful for the
Also a bit of "local ads" would be good: in small, local newspapers, or
small, local radio stations. They are cheaper and you know the audience and
can create "custom" ads.

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