Cannot reply to the email with YES_I_DO so I have ordered again

Justyn Butler justynbutler+openmoko at
Mon Jul 16 11:59:43 CEST 2007

I am and it in fact turns out that simply specifying the reply-to address as
the email used during ordering works fine too. I have now used this method
to cancel my original order.

There were a few issues that made me decide it would be less hassle to

1) I would have had to spoof email all further communications, which would
be a pain (as it turns out just setting the reply-to would have worked,
which isn't such a big deal).

2) I needed to change the order because I originally ordered two phones -
one for a friend - but he backed out after the "are you sure" email.

In fact I got this from the Web Shop when I eventually canceled the first
"Most likely you either asked them to cancel your order, or it was
neccessary as part of a change (we can't change orders, we can only
cancel them and you can place a new one)."

So it would have been the only option anyway.


On 16/07/07, Sven Neuhaus < sven-openmoko at> wrote:
> Justyn Butler wrote:
> > Mail sent to @ <> rather than @
> > <> still reaches me, but it will not allow me to
> > send from <>.
> You seem to be unaware of the fact that unsigned emails can be trivially
> spoofed? From what I've read, the openmoko servers do not seem to look at
> SPF records so there shouldn't be a problem.
> -Sven Neuhaus
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