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Mon Jul 16 21:10:01 CEST 2007

        I like the free phone, what about "the really free phone".
   I'm not sure beyond amusement if there is a lot of purposefor us
trying to figure out how to market the phone to non-geeks. What will
really get people to want it is awesome free software that they can
install with a few clicks and not have to pay for every little cheezy
app someone develops, or  huge phone bills for silly ringtones.

 But I also wanted to know if everyone was hip to what is happening in
congress with "the iphone hearings".
 Basically some people in Congress were realizing how not having freedom
to choose carriers etc was potentially screwing customers if they can
only use ATT etc.

 Check out the Freepress site at
 Here is a youtube video with some clips of the congressional debate.

 I think this is relevant considering that OpenMoko is more than less the
free iphone and even if you could choose your carriers, your phone still
isn't "free". But it's still interesting to see wireless freedom being
debated in congress.


 Ryan Prior wrote: I like the tagline "Your phone, your way." The idea is
that we are putting the consumer in control - this line may mean
different things to a techie and non-techie, but that's okay - it ties in
with the spirit of freedom.

   On 7/16/07, Mike  wrote:

 Ian Darwin wrote:
 > Call it something else in the consumer market. The Flexible Phone. The
Does-what-you-want-not-what the big corporations want. I don't know.

 How about "The Freedom Phone".

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