Not "the free phone"

Ryan Prior piratehead at
Mon Jul 16 21:16:00 CEST 2007

That is absolutely true! No amount of marketing to non-techies will help
until we have a solid software stack which includes UI responsiveness and a
tested user interface. The idea is not to start a ad campaign immediately --
the idea is to be ready when the time for advertising comes!

Speaking of which, does anybody from FIC's marketing division read this
list? If not, perhaps we could invite somebody?

On 7/16/07, Giles Jones <giles.jones at> wrote:
> On 16 Jul 2007, at 19:49, Ryan Prior wrote:
> > I like the tagline "Your phone, your way." The idea is that we are
> > putting the consumer in control - this line may mean different
> > things to a techie and non-techie, but that's okay - it ties in
> > with the spirit of freedom.
> >
> Maybe, but then I think all the marketing is academic without the
> software being there and working. Good planing is needed in the
> development stage as well as at the point where you sell the product :)
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