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On 7/16/07, Giles Jones <giles.jones at> wrote:
> Jonathon Suggs <jsuggs at> wrote :
> > For the address book example.  I would prefer to have a list that showed
> > only a few names with a large area for each.  When you clicked the name,

> The important thing IMHO is to create applications where the base code is sound. Insert, Update, Delete, Select contact entries etc..

Hi Jonathon, How would you manage when there are a lot of names? My
phone is also
my phone book, and has pages of names in small print. This is why I
choose a phone with
a good screen and a stylus.  I don't altogether understand the
rationale of insisting on
fingers when there are so many pixels which can present easily read
detail.  Also I don't understand why there is so much emphasis on a
mass market which is already well catered
for; possibly to the detriment of the niche market which wants a lot
of functionality fom the
device. This little phone should be able to replace the laptop a lot
of the time, taking notes
in meetings for example (which i already do on my phone, small and
above all quiet.)
The improvement with the neo will be the easy transfer of such files
to the PC(linux).


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