Hardware/Software UI Relationship

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Tue Jul 17 02:17:26 CEST 2007

David Duardo skrev:
> This is where I ran into trouble As high resolution as the the LCD is,
> it simply is too small to be used with a finger based user interface,
> which is what most people would want to use on a cellphone because it is
> most convenient. At the upper bound, with the Neo1973, you can have 3
> columns by 4 rows of buttons that are of a comfortable size (.5x.5
> inch^2). Actually, the buttons can be slightly smaller and more compact,
> but I'm estimating for people with slightly bigger fingers. You can see
> can see what I mean in the following image:

My current phone have a touch screen and a UI designed for stylus.

The QUERTY keyboard is 14 keys wide on a 55mm wide screen (and it has 
bevels). That makes 3.9 mm per key. It's a bit painful, but I use it 
with fingers all the time (fingernails rather). Keys twice that size 
should work just fine.

5 colums and 7 rows of buttons should be usable on the neo... however a 
clever UI should generally need less... but that's the density I would 
use for text input.

... And my fingers are not huge... but fairly big.


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