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Tue Jul 17 09:59:02 CEST 2007

"The Open Phone"
"Our Phone"
"The Human Phone" (ok, sounds a bit like Ubuntu)
"Free your Phone" (wich obviously is not the same as "The free phone". It
sounds good, and is already used in the youtube ads)
"More then a Phone"
"The Phone from people to people"
"The Freedom Phone"
"Teh ub3rz h4ck70r7 Ph0n3!!11oneeleven"

btw not only in North America "The free phone" could be missleading, because
everywhere operators did that strategy. But only in english this could be
misleading, because in other languages free (si in beer) is not the same as
free (es in freedom). for example german "kostenlos/gratis" "frei", italian
"gratuito" "libero" (even if libero is(was?)a phone carrier), ...

p.s. i hate the way gmail handles this list. couldn't we have the respond-to
adress set to community at

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