gentoo qemu (was Re: Binary tarball of toolchain/build environment)

Frans Grotepass fmgrotepass at
Tue Jul 17 16:46:59 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 17 July 2007 16:14, Al Johnson wrote:
> My typo - no mail client configured on that machine. The issue is that with
> gcc-3.4.6 configured mtn --version returns the not found errors above, so
> it never gets to build qemu. With 4.1.2 mtn works, but qemu fails to build
> even though it's configured to use gcc-3.4.6 by the mod to the makefile.

My home machine is a reasonably up to date Gentoo. I guess I did an update of 
the about 2 weeks ago. I first did the mokomake at home. The make failed on 
the qemu-build step. I added the --cc=gcc-3.4.6 and the make still failed 
(unfortunately I can't remember on what). A remake of setup-devel-image 
solved the problem and the system is working at home.

My work machine is  also a reasonably new Gentoo install. I just migrated my 
work machine to Gentoo less than a week ago. I added --cc=gcc-3.4.6 to my 
mokomakefile, but that was it. For the rest the system compiled cleanly. 
without hickups.

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