Not "the free phone"

Ian Darwin ian at
Tue Jul 17 16:54:45 CEST 2007

Ben Burdette wrote:
> Great video!  the OFone, which way is up on this thing?
> I'd rather not go with oPhone, it sounds derivative of the iPhone.  Like 
> the openmoko phone is a cheap wannabe iPhone.  I don't people to have 
> that impression.
> What about a nice industrial-style alphanumeric designation - like the 
> 'FIC A1'.  Or OM1.  Or FS1, whatever.  

Well, you know, we're pretty far off the topic I started here. The phone 
being sold now *is* called the FIC Neo1973, period.

We were talking about how to advertise the phone, when it's ready. Which 
it isn't.

I only mentioned it so that nobody got too far along with advertising 
based on the "free phone". I did not mean to get everybody excited 
trying out their new name for the phone.

Let's all get back to writing code now, so we'll have something to 
advertise someday.



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