this phone, with WiFi

Clay Williams claytonw at
Sun Jul 15 23:56:19 CEST 2007

Quoting Christian Fischer <christian_tud_ist at>:

> Doug Jones schrieb:
>> Assuming one has an appropriate cable, and assuming one can find some
>> way to get power into the thing, it ought to be possible to make it work
>> with the Neo.  (The Neo that is hopefully shipping next week, the one
>> without built-in WiFi.)
> The USB-Bus Device is unpowered. It uses external Power for Battery
> Charging.
> So try to make your own 5V supply.
> Christian

If you do decide to go this route (building a 5V supply), you can power 
it from
the neo's 3.7V battery with an LM2621 chip from national semiconductor. It
claims to have 87% efficiency converting 3.6V to 5V with a 500 mA load. Does
anyone know what kind of current a USB WLAN card draws?

The chip also has a "shut-down" mode in which it draws very little current.

I may try this in the near future, since I am interested in using other USB

Another option is a battery powered USB hub, like this one:

Anybody know if that'll work? I'm just starting on this project...


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