price politics for hardware updates post-phase-1/2

Jan blackbox at
Tue Jul 17 02:50:59 CEST 2007


I've been on the list since end of march and I really love this project.

I am planning to buy a Phase 2 phone but there is still something to 
know before.

Somewhere I read that FIC will likely sell the phase 2 to phase 1 owners 
for something like $150 (instead of $300 - yes, I know that phase 2 will 
cost more likely around $450 instead of $300). If I understood it 
correctly, the OpenMoko-project is something with a "long term support 
project", meaning there will be software updates all the time in future, 
not like the phones on the market right now who stop their support after 
a year or two. As OpenMoko updates the software, FIC will update the 
hardware too. I wonder if FIC will offer every time the phone gets an 
hardware-update some deal like there has been talking about the update 
phase 1 to phase 2. Does anyone has some more information or a link or 
so to read something about that?

I mean it would be really sad if the phase 3 would be _way_ better than 
the phase 2 but "you"'ve bought already a phase 2 in okt/nov and the 
update would be somewhere around june/july or so. I would feel somehow 
ripped-off if there would be no update-deal...

I hope someone got an idea what I am trying to say... :-/


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