Hardware/Software UI Relationship

Giles Jones giles.jones at zen.co.uk
Tue Jul 17 19:15:23 CEST 2007

On 17 Jul 2007, at 17:58, David Duardo wrote:

> I was actually thinking of a linearized rotary dial. You basically  
> have
> a scrollbar on one the side of the screen. All you would do is drag  
> the
> slider down until you see the character you want and then let go. The
> slider will then spring back to the top.
> Perhaps using text prediction you can have the slider lock into slots
> that are more likely, making easier to find the character you want.

Sounds a bit complicated to me.

A Qwerty keyboard would be better, but if space is limited you might  
be better with two characters per key, the predictive text would  
easily be able to tell which of the two characters you meant. After  
all it works for T9 on 0-9 keypad phones.

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