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Tue Jul 17 21:54:29 CEST 2007

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Daniel Robinson wrote:

> What are the projects of interest for people?
> I am interested in working on kid's phones.  I have wanted a kid's phone
> that was not as brain-dead as the phones that are currently targeted at
> children.  I like that the Neo1973 has a secure tether point.  I want the
> phone to be tethered to my kid's backpack or clothing so it can't be lost or
> stolen.
> In terms of software, I want to work on GPS related things.  It would be
> good to know where my kids are and when they exit certain zones, e.g.,
> school.

For me, it's peripheral hardware. I'd like to start with a simple USB
digital-to-analog converter, and write a simple multimeter for my Neo. Next
step would be to add a bit of storage and make a simple logic analyzer.

Other hardware areas of interest that I'm kicking around:

 	- control software (not SDR) for a ham transceiver
 	- robotic projects
 	- car projects
 	- telemetry for remote controlled vehicles (see
 	- interactive art

I'm also very interested in niche applications, and the necessary software and
possibly hardware for these. For instance, I heard an article the other day on
a researcher who had to modify a digital recorder for a study he was doing on
daily word usage. Made me think that it would be so easy to have done this
purely in software on the OpenMoko platform, and got me to think of other such
research-oriented niches.

Another interesting niche area is university computer labs, e.g. courses that
require GPS, cellphone connectivity, and some control, with or without the
screen. Someone mentioned wanting to introduce Neo's into his classroom
projects - this sort of stuff.


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