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> I'm dreaming of being able to fit a keyboard (perhaps an old one from
> my Psion) <snip>

keyboard wise, I've been thinking of just using a bluetooth mini keyboard
for most of my big text entry... short texts and everything could go with
the onscreen keyboard, but just about everything else would be over

does anyone have experience with the frogpad? how bad is it to learn to
type? I've been wondering about it, but I'm pretty fast on qwerty... but I
like that the frogpad doesn't have to unfold, and it's one-handed

this would also rock with a bluetooth "upgrade"

this would give me more flexibility: like with my old compaq tabletPC, I
could leave the keyboard at home if I wanted to travel light, and it
disconnects the screen angle/position from where the keyboard is physically
located (put the keyboard on my lap, and hold the neo up higher where I
could see if I was sitting for instance

I also see the lanyard hole making a great way to attatch a desk-stand to
hold the neo upright: plug something with another 2 legs in that comes out
the back and hooks around the front of the case

anyways, thought I'd share

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