projects of interest?

Dirk Bergstrom openmoko at
Wed Jul 18 06:48:37 CEST 2007

Daniel Robinson wrote:
> What are the projects of interest for people?

My number one desire is the equivalent of procmail for the phone.

Don't ring at 3:00 in the morning if the number isn't in my phonebook. 
Don't announce an email when I'm sleeping unless it has one of these 
words in the subject line.  Don't ring when I'm in the local movie 
theater (using GPS).  Etc.

This is already in the wiki:

I'm also interested in GPS logging, mostly for cycling.  I bought a very 
nice Garmin bike computer, but it only speaks some hideous proprietary 
protocol, and only to their Windows client.  Since I'm a linux guy, I 
can't get the info off the computer (though it's still useful as a bike 
computer).  I figure I could use the Neo to keep track of my routes, and 
translate that data to .kml for use in googleearth.

I have a Treo, on which I run Plucker, a very nice open source ebook 
reader.  I'd like to replicate its core functionality on the OpenMoko. 
I think I could do this simply by using a bit of javascript and html, 
but it might require more work.

Mostly I just want a real computer in my pocket...

Since I'm not a C/embedded coder, I'm hoping that the Python bindings 
that showed up on recently are a reality in the 
shipping product.  That or some other high level language.


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