Using GPS to automatically find and use Points of Interest

Dirk Bergstrom openmoko at
Wed Jul 18 08:29:21 CEST 2007

Casey Harkins wrote:
>> Possible uses: can be combined with Google Maps or something like that
>> to give other people an idea of the "travel route" you have followed.
> The primary use is just to keep a record of everywhere I've gone with 
> the phone (reported once a day).

This gives me an idea:

*) Keep track of everywhere you go for a week or so, taking a data point 
every few minutes.

*) Find all the places you spent more than an hour at.

*) Plot them on a map, and let the user name each one ("work", "home", 
"cafe", "Joe's house", "movie theater", etc.).

Now you've got a list of the important places in your life.

You can use this list to drive position-dependent behavior on the phone:

*) Turn off the ringer when at the movie theater.

*) Turn up the ringer volume at the noisy cafe.

*) Turn on wifi at home and at work.

*) Sync contacts and calendar over wifi when you get home.

*) Remind you to pick up the book you loaned Joe next time you're at his 

Position dependent todo lists could be a real killer app.  "Alert me 
with this message next time I'm within X meters of this location".  Hmmm...


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