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Wed Jul 18 08:43:59 CEST 2007

On 7/17/07, Daniel Robinson <dgrobinson at> wrote:
> What are the projects of interest for people?
> I am interested in working on kid's phones.  I have wanted a kid's phone
> that was not as brain-dead as the phones that are currently targeted at
> children.  I like that the Neo1973 has a secure tether point.  I want the
> phone to be tethered to my kid's backpack or clothing so it can't be lost or
> stolen.
> In terms of software, I want to work on GPS related things.  It would be
> good to know where my kids are and when they exit certain zones, e.g.,
> school.
> --Dan
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Besides being an allround usefull PIM/GSM device I would also like to
use it as a kind of Tripy roadmaster
( This device tracks where you
go but can also display rudimentary maps.

They display is actually a roadbook. It indicates which direction to
go and for how long, combined with basic info such as how far you are
from the starting point, name of the town/village you are, etc. A lot
of beautiful roadbooks are available on the internet. I use them on my
motorbike and I'd love to see them on the Neo :-)



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