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Wed Jul 18 10:24:21 CEST 2007

I though that this phone could be great for Bars/restourants/pubs: a simple
wifi network, and an app which syncs the order typed (or choosen) by the
waiter whith a waiter. There are plenty of such devices, I know, but if a
phone could also do this, it would be cool. We could write our own server
app with grafical frontend for the kitchen, or look if there's some sort of
standrad such that we simply implement it.

Another cool use would be (TV|Radio|Computer|xyz) remote control, eventually
with a cool app which checks the channel guide from an rss feed.

Another cool use could be as simple concert helper: simply create a
TuxGuitar player/visualizer. And incorporate something like Jokosher, a
guitar tuner. With some proper setup, could be cool.

p.s. As Bluetooth keyboard, i recommend

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