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michael at michael at
Wed Jul 18 18:35:34 CEST 2007

Probably would be best to ask this of the shipping company. You might also be
able to change the delivery address to your hotel at the conference.

Looking forward to meeting you at the BoF at Ubuntu Live Sunday night.


On Wed, 18 Jul 2007, Brad Pitcher wrote:

> I'm in a similar situation, I'm leaving for OSCON on Sunday.  I will attend
> a BoF at Ubuntu Live Sunday night and another one at OSCON Thursday night.
> I desperately want to bring my phone with me.  I paid for 3-day shipping but
> now it looks like it may not get her quite on time.  I wonder, if I reply to
> the request tracker email asking to change my shipping to overnight, will
> they do that?
> -Brad
> On 7/17/07, Ted Lemon <mellon at> wrote:
>>  Sean, probably a dumb question, but I'm leaving for IETF on Saturday,
>>  so I'm really hoping that my two-day delivery will get the phone here
>>  by Friday.   I don't desperately need it before IETF - I just don't
>>  want it sitting on my front stoop for a week (well, for that part of
>>  a week before it's stolen!).
>>  Is there any chance that we'll get some kind of notification/tracking
>>  information when the phones ship?
>>  Sorry to hassle you - I know things must be really busy.   Congrats
>>  on getting the first batch through customs!
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