projects of interest?

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Wed Jul 18 23:40:32 CEST 2007

Mathew Prokos wrote:
> Anti theft software would be an interesting project, possibly detecting 
> if the sim card was changed, and sending its current location to either 
> a known cell phone via txt msg or to an internet server.. Sort of the 
> same idea of the tracking software that was mentioned earlier.

I was planning (with the previously mentioned tracking software) to 
report details about the SIM card as well. Seems reasonable to add an 
option to trigger an automatic push of the data when SIM cards are changed.

Once I get my phone and have a little time to play with agps on it, I'll 
create something on It seems like there are a lot 
of use cases for gathering and possibly reporting gps routes. A single 
app to handle the basics and providing api (via dbus?) to allow domain 
specific UI apps to be created might be a good approach. Once there's a 
project created, anyone who's interested can move the discussion over there.


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