Shipping update

Ian Darwin ian at
Thu Jul 19 00:29:19 CEST 2007

Brad Pitcher wrote:
> I'm in a similar situation, I'm leaving for OSCON on Sunday.  I will 
> attend a BoF at Ubuntu Live Sunday night and another one at OSCON 
> Thursday night.  I desperately want to bring my phone with me.  I paid 
> for 3-day shipping but now it looks like it may not get here quite on 
> time. 

Me too; I'm teaching a 4-day Linux course next week, and showing a real 
phone is just somehow more convincing than holding up a printout of the 
web page.

For all who are down to the wire like this, in case your phone does come 
through, remember that some of the SH1 batch need to be reloaded before 
use (see and Youu might want to 
download dfu-util, rootfs and uImage, and have them on your laptop ready 
to reflash, in case you do manage to meet up with your phone in time to 
show it...

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