Unusual Bluetooth Gadgets?

Mark Eichin eichin-openmoko at thok.org
Thu Jul 19 05:32:09 CEST 2007

Jeff Rush <jeff at taupro.com> writes:

> I was thinking this phone has so many possibilities, and one of them is neat
> bluetooth gadgets we could make use of.  But searching I don't see a lot of
> innovative bluetooth gadgets to buy.

It's a hugely complicated addition to any "gadget".  Heck, you can't
even get a usb-keyboard to bluetooth adapter, and that's not even a
little bit innovative...

> Has anyone seen a small bluetooth camera you can wear on your lapel?  Even if
> it was the size of a bluetooth earpiece, it would work as a piece of jewelry
> on a collar.

Not enough bandwidth.

> And is there a small bluetooth microphone suitable on a lapel as well, for
> recording those interviews?  Instead of picking up just your voice via bone
> conduction or some such it picks up the audio from in front of you with a
> focused area.

That's probably easier (just take a bluetooth headset and chop it open :-)

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