Hooks in Base Code

Jim McDonald Jim at devzero.net
Thu Jul 19 07:08:59 CEST 2007

Giles Jones wrote:
> On 18 Jul 2007, at 23:57, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>> Note that dbus is already a part of openmoko.
> Ah, always thought DBUS was some sort of HAL. But on close inspection 
> it's a bit like DCOP which is very powerful.
> All that's needed is a nice interface to configure the actions then.
You could use dbus as the IPC but that doesn't obviate the need to do 
the rest of the work for the hooks.  All relevant processes need to call 
relevant methods at the right times and wait for the results.  In 
addition, those relevant methods should all go to a single 'add-ons 
manager' that handles registration of these modules, holds (and allows 
modification of) configuration information and handles areas such as 
chaining.  It would be responsible for calling a method on each module 
separately, in the right order and returning the correct final result.  
It would also need to handle administrative issues such as timeouts.

So although I agree that you could use dbus it doesn't solve the problem 
all by itself.  Plus of course the major thing that you need is from the 
base code is to have the appropriate dbus methods in place.


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