Hooks in Base Code

Jim McDonald Jim at devzero.net
Thu Jul 19 07:11:34 CEST 2007

Anton Afanasyev wrote:
> I am not entirely sure if I'm thinking straight, but here's my take on
> customizing functionality of the OpenMoko:
> say, when a call comes in, the appropriate module detects that, gets
> the caller ID if possible, maybe other info (such as the contact info
> associated with it, if any), and then theres a few things that happen:
> there could be a config file somewhere that defines a number of
> 'pre-processing' libraries for the call (or maybe jsut allow one such
> library), which exports certain functions, such as IncomingCall([some
> call info here]). Well, OpenMoko would call those functions, and the
> library(ies) would output some result, such as RejectCall,
> SendToVoiceMail, PlayAutomaticAnswer, etc.
> Basically, what I am getting at is that instead of changing the whole
> OS/kernel to support these functions, it would be possible to write a
> simple library, and then those libraries would process calls, GPS
> location changes, etc.

Yep that's roughly what I'm talking about but we need the base code to 
be set up such that it will make those calls and pay attention to the 
results, which is the main thrust of my argument.

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