Hooks in Base Code

Kero van Gelder kero at chello.nl
Thu Jul 19 08:16:15 CEST 2007

>> 1) How would you put that
>>    in an engine? Where does all the relevant info come from?
>> 2) Then build aan interface to allow an end-user to create such rules.
>> 3) And finally do something trivial with dbus,
>>    commandline (or even XML...) to play the appropriate ringtone. and show
>>    an Pickup/Cancel pair of buttons.
> there was some talk about this back in january or so... it got even more
> involved than that: if the addressbook says I'm supposed to be sleeping, 
> but
> the lights are on (maybe later we'll have an ambient light sensor) there's
> lots of noise, the GPS shows I'm at a club, and the accelerometers detect
> movement (those are going to be so cool)  I'm probably not sleeping, go
> ahead and ring (is it too tacky to list attendees for "sleeping" maybe you
> don't want it to ring, but anyways)

Fun, I'll dig in the archives :)

> the talk kind of centered around a nodeset somewhere in the filesystem, but
> from what I've seen on dbus that might be a better solution.  basically, 
> you
> create a group of modules, each of which is queried for a result... then
> each contact is matched against a set of rules based on the set of results.

A module / rule hierarchy. Would that fit the exception-on-exception kind
of rules we've been mentioning? I guess it could/

> on call importance, you can also list call frequency for the contact (I.E.
> if john calls me 3 times in 5 minutes, it's probably something important...
> ring on the third attempt)

oh, greylisting :)

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