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Thu Jul 19 10:12:07 CEST 2007

As far as I have seen, we have a bit of a mess with the devlopers. Everybody
makes everyting, and noone documents it. We should try to focus on
The gsmd team just gives us an api, the definition of the dbus and the xml
config file.
The SMS team just releases the information about THEIR api, xml config file
and dbus.
And so on.
This gives the possibility that even if we have no functioning SMS
implmentation, since we have the info, we could already write apps that
send/recive sms.
Even if we have no acceleromer (or whatever those things are called) we
could write apps that use team, if some writes teh documentation.
If we modularize like this, even a (noob) not so experiencied progammer like
me could write some useful apllications.
The documentation should be simple and clear.
I think this would alloe us to implement all the wonderful ideas we have
here, and it would allow tho focus on certain goals.

Best Reguards, Stefan Insam

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