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ok, wrong button again ;-)

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On 7/18/07, Giles Jones <giles.jones at zen.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any documentation about a standard filesystem layout?
> For user data storage like music, videos etc.
> On Mac OS X there are pre-define folders for Movies, Music, Pictures
> and Applications. It would save a lot of time searching with file
> dialogs if a standard was proposed for applications.
> Example, an application which plays mp3s would look in Music by default.

Well, there's FHS (file system hierarchy standard). But it more about
the system than the user's music... I don't see the interest of a "My
Picture" or a "My Music" folder. In fact, I tend to hate that way of
doing things.

And I think a lot of users will want to organise things the way they
want... It wouldn't be a standard, it would be a bother.
Marc-Olivier Barre.

Marc-Olivier Barre.

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