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Justyn Butler justynbutler+openmoko at
Thu Jul 19 10:51:47 CEST 2007

Really loving this idea. I currently use RTM ( for GTD -
it has a great web interface. As soon as I can (won't be that soon) I'll
start looking at how feasible a RTM plugin for Mebot might be.


ps. sorry for all the acronyms

On 18/07/07, Emre Turkay <emreturkay at> wrote:
> I'm planning to use it to implement a GTD[1] utility.
> Imagine an application showing an action to do. There are three
> buttons, "done" (I've done it delete from the queue), "defer" (defer
> it to a later time), "cancel" (there is no need to do this anymore, or
> it requires further thinking). When any one of these buttons is
> clicked the next action item brought forward.
> Now, imagine, combining this with GPS. In this case, it shows me stuff
> I should do at home, when I'm home and stuff I should do at work, when
> I'm at work. Pop up my feed-reader when I'm traveling, etc.
> Consider there is a simple market-list application, in which I note
> the stuff I need to buy from market, time to time. When I approach to
> the market moko starts an audio alert and tells me to stop by the
> market to buy stuff. When I enter the market automatically pops up my
> market list.
> I'm thinking about a plug-in architecture so you can extend this idea
> as far as it goes, bugzilla integration, mail client integration, web
> browser integration, integration with an outliner/mindmapper, project
> planner, tomboy, etc. Every new plug-in will open a door to another
> cool idea.
> Started to write it a couple weeks ago, got a sourceforge account[2].
> There is a very trivial demonstration application on subversion and as
> a tarball download.
> If there is anybody interested I would love to discuss.
> [1]
> [2]
> emre
> On 7/17/07, Daniel Robinson <dgrobinson at> wrote:
> > What are the projects of interest for people?
> >
> > I am interested in working on kid's phones.  I have wanted a kid's phone
> > that was not as brain-dead as the phones that are currently targeted at
> > children.  I like that the Neo1973 has a secure tether point.  I want
> the
> > phone to be tethered to my kid's backpack or clothing so it can't be
> lost or
> > stolen.
> >
> > In terms of software, I want to work on GPS related things.  It would be
> > good to know where my kids are and when they exit certain zones, e.g.,
> > school.
> >
> > --Dan
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