Hooks in Base Code

Jim McDonald Jim at devzero.net
Thu Jul 19 12:45:05 CEST 2007

Giles Jones wrote:
> Jim McDonald <Jim at devzero.net> wrote :
>> Yep that's roughly what I'm talking about but we need the base code to 
>> be set up such that it will make those calls and pay attention to the 
>> results, which is the main thrust of my argument.
> All the code should need to do is talk to notification process, fire off an event, listen for a result and then act on the returned ID.
> Example:
> Incoming phone call.
> Phone process would send the event code to the notification system, the notification system would look at rules for this event, see if it matches any and if so return the action to the process.
> So if you have configured calls to be forwarded, the notification system would return an action that the phone process needs to forward the call. The notification system would then write an entry in the call history to say it had been forwarded and popup a little message box on the screen just incase anyone is looking.
> I would imagine all of this is pretty standard stuff, you wouldn't want to hold up a phone call by having the phone process create a sub process to display a message box etc.. 
Well yes, that's really what I'm talking about.  But there are also
other things that some people may want to do with an incoming 'phone
call that we won't think about.  Perhaps send an SMS to another 'phone
to say that a call was received?  Just an example, but the point is that
we won't be able to know in advance all of the things that someone may
want to do when a call comes in so rather than build a single system you
want to build an extensible framework where any module can plug in to it
easily, get notifications of what is going on and change the possible
behaviour of actions accordingly.

I notice that there is some talk of event notification going in to the
base code from an earlier mailing list, don't suppose any dev fancies
filling us in on the details of how it may work?

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