Build environment with MokoMakefile on FreeBSD / amd64?

Rod Whitby rod at
Thu Jul 19 13:11:00 CEST 2007

Al Johnson wrote:
> On Thursday 19 July 2007 11:18, Mario Wewer wrote:
>> So - does anyone of you already has a running VMWARE image with all
>> openmoko-relevant applications running?!
> If anyone had a suggestion for a distro where mokomakefile 'just works' I'll 
> try to make a qemu or xen image over the weekend.

I usually make sure MokoMakefile builds on Debian Etch and CentOS 4.

A long term support version of Ubuntu would also be suitable I expect
(i.e. *don't* choose an _unstable_ version of Debian or Ubuntu or Gentoo).

In previous discussion with some members of the OpenMoko core team about
this issue, there was a clear direction from them that OpenMoko would
not be officially releasing or supporting a VMware image because you
needed proprietary software to run it.  So a qemu or xen image would be
in keeping with that spirit.

-- Rod (who run's VMware, but also agrees with the core team :-))

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