Hooks in Base Code

kero at chello.nl kero at chello.nl
Thu Jul 19 14:20:06 CEST 2007

> (Also bear in mind that incoming calls are a very simple example as
> there is not much that I can think of doing with them off-hand. 

Just heard a news-item on the radio: a service where you don't get commercial calls during dinner, implemented at the side that calls you. Messy (companies do not have to implement that service). I really think you need to solve this phone side; guess what OpenMoko can do :)

Just another example; now back on-topic...

> The point is that every time we build a static code path we're limiting
> the ability of the next person to do something we didn't think of, which
> makes the whole thing less free than we would like.

Full ack.

> I'd again say to look to the Firefox extensions system as a good example
> of where this has worked well, and not only gives people lots more
> freedom in how they surf the web but has made the browser far more
> powerful (and successful) that it could have been with any single set of
> developers while at the same time making it easy for outside developers
> to add to the product with minimal, if any, knowledge of the existing
> codebase.

OK, first time you mentioned Firefox, I thought you meant browser and/or GUI stuff. But you focus on extensions/plugins :)

Any place where you can hook in little snippets of code will do. I think I'll play with a few "modules" I can see interact here (addressbook, agenda, IM client (mostly its away settings); I'll mock them for starters) and how to aggregate the "decisions" from those "modules" on what to do with an incoming call/SMS/... I will use dbus, but that says nothing about the actual format/info sent over that bus. I'll be off-line over the weekend, but with some luck, I'll have a bit of code (i.e. showing format/info) to show Sun or Mon.


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