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Thu Jul 19 20:30:30 CEST 2007

I think you guys need to have a little more patience.  If your phone 
doesn't get
to you RIGHT NOW the world is not going to end.  You'll have plenty of time
after your phone gets to you to play with it.  Relax, have a coffee and a
danish and everything will be fine.

Quoting Andy Powell <openmoko at>:

> On Thursday 19 July 2007 17:15, Daniel Robinson wrote:
>> I had some concerns about this also.  There has been very little info
>> coming out from OpenMoko about the number of units of each type that have
>> been ordered by developers and how many are available.  Moreover, there
>> hasn't been any information about where we are in the queue.  All that has
>> been said is that you get one email, then you get another email, then you
>> get your dev unit.
>> Do they expect me to keep hitting the refresh button like some blue-haired
>> lady playing the nickel slots?
> I'm waiting for them to get us to send them a picture with a fish on my head,
> or holding up a sign that says 'I sleep with badgers' in Taiwanese.
> All in all the dire communication is the biggest problem. It appears that 2
> people have had confirmation that their credit card has been charged, neither
> seems to have a tracking number and neither appears to have shipped. We know
> the neo1973's arrived on the 17th so why haven't more cards been charged and
> boxes shipped.
> I'd rather they stopped making dumb videos and started packing, billing and
> shipping.
> Andy
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