Shipping, Billing, etc

Andy Powell openmoko at
Thu Jul 19 23:17:41 CEST 2007

On Thursday 19 July 2007 22:09, Mark wrote:
> You guys realize FIC doesn't sell things to consumers.  This is
> probably the First Credit card billing they've done(at least this many
> transactions at once), and those two may have been test cases.  I

That's perfectly understandable, but 2 cards in as many days, it doesn't take 
that long...

> suspect they need to be sent to the company in a specific format that
> they wanted to test rather then have (for example 200) messed up
> charges.  I suspect soon everyone who will get a neo in the first
> batch will be charged and the boxes sent out same/next day.  Also
> don't forget we were told a long time ago 16th at the earliest so we
> are actually 3 days late, not two weeks.  I also suspect they opened

No, sending an email with the word 'remember' at the beginning doesn't 
actually constitute advanced notice. There was no indication at all that 
there would be a delay in shipping until this message,

so it's still 2 weeks late. 


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