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Jon Radel jon at
Thu Jul 19 23:44:29 CEST 2007

> From:
> "Ortwin Regel" <ortwin at>
> Seconded!
> Please open a <> ! I'd love
> to post some spontaneous ideas, discuss stuff, ask and answer small
> questions etc. but I often don't want to spam the whole mailing list
> with it.
> Ortwin
> On 7/19/07, *Ryan Lozier* <rlozier at <mailto:rlozier at>>
> wrote:
>     Is there an openmoko forum? I am really sick of reading this mailing
>     list for the last year to find subjects im interested in. If there
>     is one, please someone point me to it, and im not talking about the
>     wiki. I mean, where would someone go if they had a question about a
>     particular function of the phone or one of the softwares? This
>     mailinglist? If there is no forum yet, we need one.
>     ryan.
[Entire digest that has nothing at all to do with the above that both
you sent out again removed.]

Spam the whole mailing list?  Ah, at least you're forthright and know
yourself well...

Ever occur to you two forum fans that the mailing list would work better
if you used it right?  Little matters such as:

* If you're starting a new discussion thread, don't reply to an existing
e-mail; it throws off the people who use thread-aware MUAs.

* If you're replying to something in a digest cut out all the stuff
you're not replying to and fix up the subject line.



* If you're sending a "Me Too" reply, TRIM YET SOME MORE!

(See Mathew Davis's follow up for a beautiful example of trimming. :-)

--Jon Radel
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