community Digest, Vol 36, Issue 45

Jeff Rush jeff at
Fri Jul 20 08:19:20 CEST 2007

Steven ** wrote:
> Is that searchable?  Is it threaded?  Will there be someone on 24/7 that
> is knowledgable and helpful?
> I understand that some people love IRC and mailing lists.  But users
> expect to search and ask questions in a forum, not on a mailing list and
> IRC.  I think it's about time for some forums.

I'm not sure where you get "users expect to search and ask questions in a
forum" from.  And how does a forum provide "24/7 someone knowledgeable" in
such a way that a mailing list cannot.  I'm confused.

Mailing lists aren't exactly fading away, and many people dislike forums.  In
this case, it won't help if those with questions i.e. users flock to the
forums, if those with the answers, the more core developers use mailing lists.
You'll need community concensus, or a team to copy material between the two
discussion arenas, similiar to how we have people who have stepped forward
(thanks!) who clip useful stuff from the lists and put it on the wiki.


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