Significant Numbers of Non-Developers?

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ramsesoriginal pisze:
> On 7/20/07, *Jeff Rush* <jeff at <mailto:jeff at>> wrote:
>     I've been reading the archives of the various OpenMoko lists and
>     I've noticed
>     a significant number of people who admit they are not programmers
>     at all, or
>     that this is their first exposure to Linux.
But it's a wonderful thing that a lot of people are curious what is 
going on. I'm sure that a few of the would become a real programmers.
>     I'm curious what a non-programmer is going to do with this device
>     in the next
>     few months.  And if your first use of Linux is on the device
>     itself, and you
>     run Windows on your desktop, how you're going to grow your Linux
>     skills and
>     effectively develop applications.  Just seems odd to me, but maybe
>     I'm
>     overlooking something. ;-)
Thet will be very good beta testers. And about that linux, always should 
be the first time. But linux has its own magnetism. Jeff, I think that 
some of them will install linux distro on their PC and a new linux 
adventure will happen for them.
> In some points i agree, but i think as an application developer you 
> should not have to look into the code of gsmd, or whatever. As an 
> application programmaer, i (usually) expect some sort of interface 
> wich i can use, and wich is documented. Because if every application 
> diggs deap in some sort of demons/driver/whatever, and some piece of 
> code changes, then we're all fucked up (sorry for the expression).
I do agree with you. The code should be modular and there should be no 
need to look inside of it if someone only uses services provided by some 
daemon. Only interface/api should be known. Ofcourse it needs a good 
documentation but it's the part of libraries developers.

All non-developers -  keep tracking the OpenMoko!!! :-)
Greetings to all.
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