Hooks in Base Code

Jim McDonald Jim at devzero.net
Fri Jul 20 10:29:54 CEST 2007

Jeff Andros wrote:

> ok, but here's the thing with having full plugin framework: what if 
> two plugins take mutually exclusive actions (I.E. one plugin has a 
> whitelist, it tries to answer the phone because it's the girlfriend, 
> but the other plugin attempts to send the call to voicemail because 
> your gps says you're in a movie theatre) who should win?  I think we 
> need to take one step beyond independent plugins:
This could be handled through either ordering or priority, either would 
work.  There still needs to be a control center that receives the basic 
message from the core code (e.g. incoming call), works out which modules 
are interested in the message and then sends it on to them.  If you are 
using ordering then you would probably chain the messages so that if the 
message was altered by one module the altered message would be received 
by the next/./  If you were using priority then you could send the 
message to every module at the same time and wait for all responses 
before continuing.

   Ordering would probably be easier both to develop and for end users 
to manage.  Priorities *may* by faster, although that's not guaranteed 
by any stretch.  The best solution would probably be a combination of 
ordering and priorities.  As you mention, although this would be a very 
useful system a lot of the ability of it to be end-user friendly would 
rely on a very intuitive GUI (or alternatively a system that is 
restricted in such a way that a configuation GUI is not required).

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