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Fri Jul 20 16:44:54 CEST 2007

Seems like we need the right software then. , running IPB
Portal v2 ( ), does what you describe pretty
reliably as far as I can tell. Don't know if any other board software has
that functionality.

I find the hostality towards forums here pretty astounding... Forums should
not replace the mailing list but complement it. They would take some load
off the mailing list. If the list grows any bigger, I will have to cancel my
subscription, because I can't read through all this stuff anymore. The great
thing about forums is that they designed for selective reading. You only
read what interests you. It doesn't push all the crap to your inbox, you go
and get what you need.


On 7/20/07, Knight Walker <moko at> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 05:44:29PM -0400, Jon Radel wrote:
> > [Entire digest that has nothing at all to do with the above that both
> > you sent out again removed.]
> >
> > Spam the whole mailing list?  Ah, at least you're forthright and know
> > yourself well...
> >
> > Ever occur to you two forum fans that the mailing list would work better
> > if you used it right?  Little matters such as:
> >
> > * If you're starting a new discussion thread, don't reply to an existing
> > e-mail; it throws off the people who use thread-aware MUAs.
> >
> > * If you're replying to something in a digest cut out all the stuff
> > you're not replying to and fix up the subject line.
> >
> > * TRIM!
> >
> >
> > * If you're sending a "Me Too" reply, TRIM YET SOME MORE!
> >
> > (See Mathew Davis's follow up for a beautiful example of trimming. :-)
> I agree. My main problem with a forum is that all the ones I've have
> serious deficiencies, the biggest one being that it's really easy to lose
> new messages if you don't dedicate a block of time to reading all new
> messages (Sometimes in just one forum, sometimes site-wide). I have yet
> to see a forum software that doesn't mark them all read if you have an
> emergency in the middle and have to come back later. For some people
> that's fine, but I prefer that my e-mail box stores a flag in each
> message and lets me read on my own time.
> As for the rest, I concur. Good netiquette goes a long way. Too bad it's
> a dying art.
> -KW
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