community communication option review

Daniel Robinson dgrobinson at
Fri Jul 20 17:09:46 CEST 2007

Here are the community communication options:

1) email lists

    email lists are available as single emails or as a digest.  These
lists can be searched via Google proxy.  Inherent organization is
chronological.  Can be threaded, but threads on similar topics are not

2) IRC

   and you got me there.  I don't do IRC. I can't get my sampling
frequency that high.

3) forum

  forums allow for submissions according to topic.  Discussions are,
by definition, threaded.  Search functions may or may not be limited
to what ever the forum software supports.  Some forum software search
functions allow for all postings between dates.  Some forum software
supports email notification for posts on boards, subboards or threads.
 Forum software would require some amount of supervision.

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