Ian Darwin ian at
Fri Jul 20 18:00:13 CEST 2007

>> There's
>> nothing stopping a GSM provider from blocking all unbranded IMEI's,
>> including your neo.

There's nothing stopping a toll highway operator from blocking unbranded 
cars either. But do they?  Does any GSM provider block unbranded IMEIs?
I know in Canada we have one GSM carrier (under two brands, Rogers + 
Fido), and I have used several "generic" phones on this network without 
trouble. It's the CDMA carriers that are used to blocking phones, 
because there you have to take the phone into their store. With GSM you 
just move the SIM over.

> Now, if we want Operator Acceptance Testing with Neo, we have to sign
> NDA, SLA with the operators?

You were planning to *ask* if you can use YOUR phone on YOUR plan?

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