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Fri Jul 20 18:12:58 CEST 2007

On 7/20/07, Joe Pfeiffer <jjpfeifferjr at> wrote:
> Jeff Rush writes:
> >
> >Mailing lists aren't exactly fading away, and many people dislike
> forums.  In
> >this case, it won't help if those with questions i.e. users flock to the
> >forums, if those with the answers, the more core developers use mailing
> lists.
> >You'll need community concensus, or a team to copy material between the
> two
> >discussion arenas, similiar to how we have people who have stepped
> forward
> >(thanks!) who clip useful stuff from the lists and put it on the wiki.
> Since you've brought this up -- I'm one who definitely prefers the
> dynamic of the mailling list over forums.  And with some people
> harvesting information as it goes by and putting it in the wiki, it
> really seems like the best of all worlds.

I am still having a hard time understanding why we can't have both.  For me
I am fine using the mailing list and wiki, I think they offer more
flexibuility and scalibuility, but I also enjoy using forums.  I know a lot
of non-technical people who feel comfortable using forums.  I have tried and
tried to get my wife to use a wiki.  I can't for the life of me get her to
want to go to a wiki, but she uses forums all day long.  I think for right
now a wiki and mailing list coupled with IRC is a good team for developers.
I think for the basic user it won't cut it.  Really how many non-technical
users do you know use a mailing list, wiki, or IRC?  Seriously I know so
many more people that use Forums.  And I don't understand why we can't have
both.  I really don't see the problem so if someone could explain why not
having a forum would be advantageous and not just personal preferance I am
all ears, because I could list a lot of reasons why forums could be

P.S.- Sorry for sending this directly to you joe.  I keep forgetting to add
the community when I reply.
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