community Digest, Vol 36, Issue 45

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Fri Jul 20 18:29:40 CEST 2007

Mathew Davis wrote:
> Sorry for writing so much but I really feel strongly that a forum will 
> only
> be a positive thing.  The more information we can get out to general 
> users
> and the more help we can offer them the better.  I personally thing the
> forums and the mailing list will be two seperate tools.  I don't think 
> there
> will be that much overlap.  By that I mean people who use the mailing 
> list
> now will probably want to stick to the mailing list.  But I also see a 
> lot
> of things that really don't need to be on the mailing list.  General 
> topics
> about equipment to go with the neo, new way's they will use the neo, and
> just general questions about network providers and plans don't need to go
> here.  Let them ask those question in the forums.  I think the forums 
> would
> be a good place for people to ask general questions get general 
> answers and
> just enjoy discussing a wide range of things.  I think the mailing list
> could benifit a great deal from a forum.  Just my $0.02. 
I think Matthew's post was 100% correct.  People need to get off their 
high horse and realize that just because the mailing list and wiki works 
for them, doesn't mean that is the best tool for everyone.  A forum is a 
great tool, that allows people to follow threads based on what interests 
them instead of having to receive ALL of the messages.  Not providing 
one would be a great disservice to a lot of the people that (possibly) 
will be purchasing the "Mass Marketed" phones.

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