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Adam Krikstone krikstone at
Fri Jul 20 18:55:09 CEST 2007

"7.  Most everything else can be designed by taking dumb and going 5 
steps below that for a public launch. "

IRC and mailing lists will not cut it for the target market public 
launch.  The only reason I care about the general public is that their 
acceptance is the only way more neo's will be made.

The social jab was unnecessary and uncalled for.

Jonathon Suggs wrote:
> Andy Powell wrote:
>> On Thursday 19 July 2007 23:39, Steven ** wrote:
>>> Is that searchable?  Is it threaded?  Will there be someone on 24/7 
>>> that is
>>> knowledgable and helpful?
>>> I understand that some people love IRC and mailing lists.  But users 
>>> expect
>>> to search and ask questions in a forum, not on a mailing list and 
>>> IRC.  I
>>> think it's about time for some forums.
>>> -Steven
>> Those were never specified as requirements at all.  What they asked 
>> for was somewhere they could ask questions without  "spamming the 
>> list"  - irc is perfect for those little questions.
> IRC is great for technical people to ask quick little questions 
> without "spamming the list".  However, IRC is not an option for those 
> less-technical.  Basically, if they can't get the information they are 
> looking for using their browser and ONLY their browser, then they will 
> NOT find what they are looking for...
> IRC and mailing lists have their uses, but so do forums.  I honestly 
> don't understand the resistance to the idea of a forum.  Other than 
> people being so closed minded and elitist that they can't understand 
> how people are soo stupid not to have know the answer to the question 
> already.
> So if anything, hopefully those people (who are the people who give 
> FOSS a bad rep) will stick to IRC and mailing lists, and people that 
> can actually perform social interaction can help people out in the 
> forums.
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