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Fri Jul 20 19:18:34 CEST 2007

Make it simple and relate value to the consumer.  Nothing really new.

Design a stable openmoko platform with a aGPS application that geocodes 
a cached US map from an SD card.  Show them what that can do for them in 
a course of a day.  Then tell them the GPS is free and will always be 
free.  You should have no problem selling units and you don't have to 
explain openmoko.  If people are still hesitant, show them the 
application and formats supported that are available through the 
community that would relate to their use.

Ted Lemon wrote:
> People who are interested in marketing OpenMoko might want to read 
> this article:
> It speaks to exactly the problem that we will have marketing OpenMoko: 
> how to get Joe and Jane Average to think of the Open in OpenMoko as 
> something they care about.
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