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Fri Jul 20 20:48:41 CEST 2007

I am not even sure they need to know about "Open" if only they are aware
of the "Moko".
Look at this other buzz word: "Linux", M&Mme Dupond do not really
understand what it relates to. (Unix, free, freedom, even Mac

_We_ need to know that it's actually Linux, or sometimes
{Free,Open,Net}BSD or or GNU or etc.
I suspect we should only ask the average people to follow us [1], not to
understand the full software stack. That may even be beneficial in the


[1] Or possibly question the motivations of our participation more than
the various interpretations, a reaction that could prove even more
challenging if "average" Joe or Jane is really interested... ;-)

Le vendredi 20 juillet 2007 à 08:34 -0700, Ted Lemon a écrit :
> People who are interested in marketing OpenMoko might want to read  
> this article:
> just_because_it_saves_the_world.php
> It speaks to exactly the problem that we will have marketing  
> OpenMoko: how to get Joe and Jane Average to think of the Open in  
> OpenMoko as something they care about.
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