Significant Numbers of Non-Developers?

Giles Jones giles.jones at
Fri Jul 20 23:52:49 CEST 2007

On 20 Jul 2007, at 22:25, Ortwin Regel wrote:

> Order #1833 here and not a developer at all. My last Linux  
> experience was that I changed the screen resolution in Suse 9 to  
> something that didn't work and wasn't able to change it back and  
> get back to the GUI. :P Still, I need this phone and I need it now.  
> It's the phone I've been waiting for for about four years. Pretty  
> much since I got my Tapwave Zodiac and wondered what would happen  
> if it was also a phone. I love to be an early adopter, even if it  
> takes time for stuff to get usable. This is just too fascinating to  
> wait any longer. I'll probably buy a GTA 02 in October, too, and  
> sell my GTA 01 or give it to one of my favourite Palm game  
> developers if I'm feeling generous.
> I hope people will help me if I'm stuck in some scary command line. ;)
> Ortwin Regel

No, you want the phone. :P

At the moment it's not a fully working device, it will do very  
little. It will be frustrating to have a phone which does nothing. If  
you haven't ever had to flash a phone or use recovery methods to  
repair a bricked phone then you'll end up with a paperweight.

I've not done much embedded development for a while, my background is  
in C development. I started on the Amiga and wrote some MIDI software  
such as MIDI drivers, audio output plugins. I did embedded  
development for a year, developing firmware for network hardware.  
Trust me, even I am a little nervous about having a Neo and not being  
able to contribute. So if you're not a developer you'll feel even  
more frustrated and impatient.

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